Squids Wild West

8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Simple controls and funny characters.

Reuse of maps makes you feel like doing the same levels over and over. They need to create more maps in their next update.

Squids Wild West blends action, strategy and RPG perfectly. If you’re interested in the Wild West theme and want a laugh, definitely check out Squids Wild West! Build up a team of heroes to fight in turn-based battles against many different unique and exciting enemies.

Many reviews have stated that this sequel is even better than the original game due to the wide variety of new enemies, four new playable characters to unlock and double the levels of the original game. The Squids are back in this exciting new adventure, so don’t be left behind!



Squids Wild West takes you on an incredible adventure through the underwater Wild West. You will face countless battles against the evil Black Ooze and search for Winnick, the fallen comrade of the squids. Squids Wild West combines many different classic RPG elements into one game and lets you take control of the squids in many different turn-based battles.

Squids Wild West offers hours of gameplay, many different missions to partake in and in-depth turn-based boss battles to fight through. In order to interact with the squid on the battlefield, simply grab the squid by the tentacles, pick them up and fling them into battle.


There are currently four different character classes to choose from in Squids Wild West and each character class offers different abilities to either take part in the damage alongside your troops or heal your allies. The character classes that are currently available consist of shooters, scouts, troopers and healers.

Depending on the class you choose to play as, you will either be a long-range shooter, a close quarters combat squid or a healer that will aid the troops on the battlefield. Throughout the game you will recruit your own squid army and choose from over 12 different playable characters.


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Through the game you will be able to find different helmets to equip your squid with that will boost different squid-themed abilities. Collect each different hat to unlock achievements and gain ability power for your characters.

If you enjoy humor mixed with RPG elements and turn-based gameplay, definitely don’t miss out on Squids Wild West! With hours of fun and so many different levels, there is no end to the fun you’ll have battling through the underwater Wild West. The Squids are waiting for you to lead them into battle, so download the game on your favorite device and join in on the fun today.

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