Red Dead Redemption

9.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10

Fun and interactive story. Phenomenal graphics.

Few visual hiccups.

Red Dead Redemption is an action adventure video game with a western backdrop. The game is played in a third-person perspective within an open world environment. Players can interact with the game at their own leisure. Players travel the fictional Western United States and Mexico world. Your primary form of transportation is either horseback or on foot.

“Dead Eye” is a gunslinger gameplay that allows players to mark multiple targets on enemies in slow motion. Player’s actions affect their character’s levels of honor, notoriety or how others react to that player. The game’s multiplayer mode allows 16 players to engage in gameplay, in a single player setting.


As hero John Marston, you can interact with the surroundings and become involved  in confrontations with outlaws using various firearms.

Red Dead6

As horses are the major form of transportation, you are given a variety of breeds to choose from. Each breed has different characteristics that are brought to the game. All horses must be trained before using them.

John Marston can use trains to get  around quickly. But, if he wants the train to stop, he has to threaten passengers and/or drivers with their lives.


As mentioned earlier, players have the ability to gain positive or negative honor. Honor can be gained by making positive choices such as taking an outlaw back alive or saving a woman in distress.

A player’s overall honor is lowered when committing crimes or making other negative choices. This, in turn, affects how people react to Marston due to his honor status. If Marston’s honor is low, non-player characters will become uncomfortable around him.

The game also has a “Wanted” system, should a player commit a crime such as killing someone in front of  witnesses, characters will run to the local law for help. The player can either bribe them or kill them before they get there. If a player commits a crime in front of the law, the “Wanted” meter immediately appears along with the amount of the bounty. This meter will increase with each additional crime committed.

Red Dead7

You will receive many discounts at stores, get paid more money and receive other bonuses if your honor status is high. If it’s low, townspeople will shut their doors when you are in town.


There are various stores for purchasing supplies such as weapons, medicines and horses. In order to gain money for supplies, various activities should be carried out such as dueling, bounty hunting, etc.


Herbs can be collected around the game; some exotic herbs can be collected and given to the town doctor.


Play poker or other card games for added wealth.

Various Activities

Your character will witness or take part in different events along the way. Public hangings, ambushes, helping someone out, meeting strangers, ride by shootings and dangerous animal attacks.

Red Dead8

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This is a major gameplay activity in Red Dead Redemption. Your character is able to take cover or target a specific animal or person. You are able to use a free aim technique or blind fire technique when attacking. Individual body parts may be targeted; it’s up to the individual player whether to kill their enemy or just injure them.

Multiplayer Mode

Only 16 participants may join in on one multiplayer game. Each game begins with a Mexican standoff. Survivors of the standoff  are able to move to any part of the battlefield and prepare for enemy onslaughts. Players will find crates that contain weapons, ammo and various other power ups.

Players level up by completing weapon confrontations that earn rewards such as character models, golden weapon skins, new breeds of animals and new titles.


It’s 1911, John Marston, an ex-outlaw, is abducted by the Bureau of Investigation. They will give him amnesty if he brings in the members of his old gang. Marston agrees and sets out to track them down. So the adventure begins….


Red Dead Redemption offers terrific gameplay, a great story line and many activities to keep any player dug in for hours. Everything about this game is well done. From a third person and  first person play to bounty hunting, its got it all. If you like action-packed adventures with a western flare, you will truly enjoy Red Dead Redemption!

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