Dino Storm

8.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Unique setting and variety of tasks.

Generic gameplay.

Created by Splitscreen Games, Dino Storm is hitting the MMO community by storm (pun intended) along with it’s own hilarious little twist!  We all know about Cowboys vs Aliens, but how about Cowboys vs Dinosaurs?? MMO game players are used to elves, monsters, and many other odd little creatures. Well Dino Storm is giving a whole new spin to original themes and wild characters!

Dino’s textures and modeling are far better than many other browser based games and their character animation is very nice. This game also stands out in its consistency within the various surroundings. Combat animations and sounds are very well done and make for a great fighting experience. Dino Storm will definitely live up to your expectations with hours worth of gameplay.

Dino Storm3

The Game

The game takes place in DinoVille and you are the local sheriff. The quests are interactive with a nice variety of adventures and stays consistently in sync with its overall theme. Character creations are great because you get to travel around riding your own dinosaur. As the game progresses, your dinosaur will start growing in size, which is kind of neat. You can also choose the color, appearance, gender and some other traits for your sheriff.

The PvP is one of the best aspects of Dino when interacting with many other players. There is no bias or single structured system to point out who will become the winner. Using your own skills will give you as good a chance as anyone else at winning any game.  You also get to use an awesome laser gun!

Dino Storm11

Browser based games are on an upswing in creativity and are wide open for plenty of room for added growth. Without doubt Dino Storm has taken this genre to a whole new level. The 3D environment is one of the very best to date.  This game is certainly original with cowboys, laser guns and living in prehistoric times! Dino Storm is also showing where browser based games should be heading. It offers a very unique feel and a very memorable experience in gameplay.

Another great aspect of Dino Storm is its accessibility. You can grab any computer anywhere and get right back into the game.  It’s free society environment has no restrictions or limits on gameplay or trade.

Dino Storm12

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Browser based games are finally on the rise and the future looks pretty darn good! Dino Storm is leading the way in creativity and originality. If you like games with a different twist, you’ll love Dino Storm. It’s fun, fast paced and easy to get into. So grab your friends and come on over!

Dino Storm is free to play.

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