Cowboy Gunslinger of the Wild West

6.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Cute and playable.

Repetitive and the shooting/jumping is slow to register.

If you’re looking for a new cowboy shooter to occupy your time, Cowboy Gunslinger of the Wild West is by far the best new cowboy shooter to hit the iPhone. Throughout the game you will be able to hone your shooting skills in order to become faster and faster, collect gold with each item hit, and collect all of the many different cowboy types that are available.

Cowboy Gunslinger of the Wild West is arguably the best Cowboy Shooter Games in the West, so don’t waste time and grab this masterpiece of a shooter today!


Cowboy Gunslinger4

You begin the game by selecting a cowboy to play as and a pistol. The goal of the game is to shoot down the enemy cowboys that are shooting at you before they hit you too many times. Along the way, there a numerous other things to shoot that will give you extra gold at the end of each level if you are able to hit them.

The point of gold in Cowboy Gunslinger of the Wild West is to allow you to unlock new cowboys throughout the game. It is completely possible to unlock each and every one of the unique cowboys that are made available in the store, and play as them all!

Cowboy Gunslinger8

Cowboy Gunslinger of the Wild West has beautifully rendered backgrounds that you will fight your way through, featuring many different wild west themes, saloons and many other fun cowboy themed backgrounds. The characters themselves are beautifully rendered as well, and as each of the cowboys that you can unlock are completely different, you will have the chance to collect gold throughout the game and collect each of the different cowboys.

The cowboys are not the only unique character types however, as the enemy cowboys each have their own skin, and the bosses are much bigger than the other enemies. Gain enough speed throughout the game, and you may be able to become the best shooter in the West!

Cowboy Gunslinger12

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If you are looking for the next big cowboy shooter to hit iPhones, look absolutely no further than Cowboy Gunslinger of the Wild West. The fast-paced action, beautiful backgrounds and many different enemy types will hold you attention for hours on end.

Gain enough gold to collect each of the different playable cowboys and prove that you are the fastest shooter in the west!

Cowboy Gunslinger of the Wild West is free to play.

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