Cowboy Guns HD

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Simple and interesting game story.

Spelling errors. Music gets repetitive.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: iPhone and iPad Games.

Cowboy Guns:  A Dual-Stick Shooter Game With a Lot of Action

About Cowboy Guns

Created by Chillingo, Cowboy Guns HD is about a cowboy who must face a deadly gang of gunslingers (The Crimson Jackals) alone. He travels to many locations and gets involved in gunfights in towns, canyons and deserts. All are  populated with deadly Bandidos that he must defeat. He is faced with many challenges and missions before finally defeating the four leaders of the gang and restoring peace to the area.

The game allows the player to be in control of “The Kid” who is a mysterious stranger trying to stop The Crimson Jackals from terrorizing the inhabitants of the Old West. The Kid also has a mysterious connection to this gang as well. The connection to these violent gang members becomes more apparent as the story moves along. This game is played in 3 modes with a great story line and offering great cinematic western scenes.


Cowboy Guns HD is a dual stick shooter and players have four weapons including a revolver, a gatling gun, a shotgun and grenades.

Game Features

  • Adventure Mode with In an depth story line.
  • Survival Mode offers endless enemies coming from every single direction in different areas of the game.
  • Bounty Hunter Mode offers rewards for defeating more than 20 wanted criminals.
  • Use an array of Western weapons from handguns to sticks of dynamite and shotguns.


  • Plays on iPads and iPhones
  • Full HD graphics on iPads and Retina-Display on iPhones.
  • Upgradable weapons from rewards for missions, bounties and through stars collected  from explosions.
  • Four extremely challenging leaders to defeat
  • Authentic soundtrack based on the old spaghetti westerns


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Cowboy Guns HD is more interesting than most dual-stick shooters. Providing the game with survival and bounty hunter modes allows players to make money for completing various missions. The money can be used for upgrades to armor and weapons. It’s important to collect stars strewn throughout the various levels in order to unlock upgrades to purchase. The HD version is a universal build and comes with Retina Display support.


If you like fast action gaming with a wonderful western flare, you are going to really like Cowboy Guns. There are so many action scenes and missions to complete, that you will never, ever get bored. It’s easy to get around and ever so easy to get started. So grab your friends and come on over.

Cowboy Guns HD is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: iPhone and iPad Games.

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