Billy Frontier

7.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Easy to play.

The game is short.

What Is Billy Frontier?

If you are an old westerns fan you are going to love the new online, 3D video game Billy Frontier. This distinctive, adventure and arcade game is created for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Outrun Kanga Cows, which are half kangaroos and half cows. See how good your skills are in duels and test your luck at the Shooting Gallery by taking on aliens.

Put on your spurs and gun belt then mosey up to the bar or should I say iPhone for a whole lot of action and fun!

The creation of Pangea Software, Billy Frontier is a really wonderful iPhone app with more fun then punch’n cows! Billy is a space cowboy fighting alien outlaws. Although the theme might leave you feeling like you just wandered into a Sci-Fi Spaghetti Western, there’s so much to do that you’ll get over it pretty quickly!

Billy Frontier4

The Game

Billy Frontier offers 4 terrific mini games:


You have to get Billy to outrun a stampeding herd of Kanga Cows! Now, Kanga Cows are half kangaroos and half cow and they can move along at quite a clip! Worry not, you can grab a temporary speed burst by picking up chili peppers along the way. Oh and by the way, you move Billy by tilting your iPhone.


This is where you run into those dern alien outlaws! In order to defeat them you must first put in patterns of triangles and circles by pressing the corresponding buttons on the screen. You must complete a certain amount before your enemies draw their guns. Keep in mind that the triangles and circles do not always pop up fast enough, so take your time so you don’t make mistakes. Once you succeed at triangles and circles, Billy will easily defeat the outlaws.

Billy Frontier5

Target Practice

This is a really fun mini game where you get to practice your shooting skills. Things are thrown in the air such as cows, aliens, coins, barrels, etc. The idea is to score as many points as possible. It’s not easy but is extremely addictive and a whole lot of fun!


This is in First Person mode, you wander through a town or a swamp and kill aliens. You do this by tapping them on your screen and tapping in order to break open boxes filled with coins, ammo and health boosters. In this game you don’t move Billy around except to turn him around 360 degrees by using the left or right arrows. This game requires you to use smart moves because you can run out of bullets and health. It’s difficult to kill an alien at a distance and impossible to dodge attacks, ergo get those boxes open for health and ammo!

Billy Frontier3

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Graphics and Music

The graphics are really great with aliens in cowboy hats, towns that are 3D and huge Kanga Cows! The music is one of the best for iPhones with a great blend of western themes that are pretty catchy!

In Conclusion

This great, action-packed, fun game is only 0.99 cents and is well worth every penny. If you love the old westerns or even new westerns, you’re gonna have a real kicking good time with Billy Frontier!

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